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How to Stop Puppy from Jumping

Puppies are fun, exuberant and always happy to meet new people and often come running up to jump on them. While this may be adorable when they’re tiny, once they start to grow, jumping behaviors can be anything but.  

When your dog jumps on you or other people, it can be bothersome, embarrassing and, at times, even dangerous. Like many inappropriate behaviors, jumping up can be corrected with proper training, and the sooner the better.  

Why Do Puppies Jump on People?

Puppies jump on people for a variety of reasons, but generally they’re being playful and showing their excitement. Oftentimes owners reinforce this behavior by failing to teach their puppy that this is an undesirable behavior. When puppies jump up, they get attention. However, they need to be taught that to get attention, they need to behave by being in a sitting position.  

Steps to Curb Puppy Jumping

Preventing unwanted behavior while encouraging desired behavior is an effective plan. Here are some tips to help prevent jumping. 

Remember, patience and consistency are key factors in training your puppy. If you and everyone in your household have a training plan and work together, your puppy will soon learn there are more appropriate ways to interact with humans than jumping and they’ll be one step closer to being a well-behaved dog.  

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