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Best Dogs For Your Military Family!

By Rachel O.

Dogs are a man’s best friend! Looking for a dog? Here is a list of some (there are SO many) that may be suited for your military family!

Families with Allergies
These dogs are hypoallergenic and have little or no hair or they don’t shed!
Bichon Frise
Chinese crested
Border terrier

Smaller Living Dogs
Military life can be unpredictable and with that so can the housing situation, these are some dogs that do well in smaller spaces or when you don’t have a backyard!
French bulldog
Boston terrier
Cavalier King Charles spaniel
Bichon frise

Best Dogs for Active Families
Need a PT training buddy? Love walks, hikes, and runs? Want a companion to keep up with your active lifestyle? Check out these dogs:
Labrador retrievers
Australian Shepard

Best Travel Dogs
Military life = Travel. It’s inevitable. Here are a few dogs that make good travel companions (again so many dogs):
Border collie
Shih Tzu
Also, be sure to check out PCS with Pets for great tips and information on traveling with your dog.

Best for Kids
While many dogs are great with kids, here are a few notable ones:
Bernese mountain dog
Staffordshire bull terrier

Best Watchdogs
With the amount of times military members deploy and TDY, it’s always great to have peace of mind that there’s a watchful eye protecting your family!
German Shepherd
Great Pyrenees
Great Dane
Staffordshire bull terrier

With that said, we all have our personal preferences and any of these dogs could check all of the boxes :) Want more information on how to care for your dog? Visit